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A stark contrast from our other designs in this line, the USF-03 is a clean and to the point design. A split 5-bar spoke design, the tapered spokes are angled ever so slightly away from each other, to present a razor sharp edge from any profile. The finer details on this design, are much more subtle and understated, but the final product is an exclusive and clean wheel design for performance and luxury vehicles alike, with plenty of window space between the spokes to allow for the display of the many and varied sophisticated braking systems found today in the automotive world.

US Forged Parameters

// Lifetime Limited Warranty* on the Structure of the Wheel, 2 year warranty on the finish.
// Bespoke One Piece Construction made from 6061-T6 Forged Aluminum for Maximum Strength, while maintaining a lightweight construction.
// CNC Machined for your order to ensure precise and exact fitment for your vehicle.
// OEM TPMS Compatible
// Centerlock Available upon Request

Sizes Available

19" DiameterStarting at $1,600 Ea
20" DiameterStarting at $1,700 Ea
21" DiameterStarting at $1,825 Ea
22" DiameterStarting at $1,825 Ea
24" DiameterStarting at $2,300 Ea
Brushed/Polished/ Two Tone Finish$150/ea
Lifetime Limited Waranty
The lifetime limited warranty for the Ferrada Forged Wheels is an agreement between the end user and Ferrada Wheels stating that Ferrada Wheels will stand by its craftsmanship and quality of manufactured parts for the lifetime of their use pertaining to the structure and physical build of the wheels. This warranty is implied for the intended use of the wheels on public roadways and for show use. Use of the wheels outside of these conditions may void the structural warranty.